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Amazing Dolphin Experience…

We recently took a trip down to Penzance for a Marine Discovery trip with Duncan and Hannah on their magnificent catamaran, which was a great bonus as their previous trips were on a rib which although exciting would have been a more more intense experience. Sailing on the catamaran was much more enjoyable, being able to move around and relax as we searched for marine wildlife.

The trip took us amongst the granite crags and turquoise waters of West Penwith, the jagged claw of the far south west of England jutting out into the Atlantic. Not only astonishingly beautiful, this area is home to an amazing array of sealife. The overall experience had been very enjoyable but as we headed home it took an amazing turn as we sailed into a huge pod of dolphins who came up to the boat and played with us for around half an hour, a truly exhilarating moment and one which will stick in the memory for some time to come, here’s a video we made during the show:

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