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Britons choose pets over partners!

British people love their animals so much that nearly two thirds would ditch a date to take care of a poorly cat or dog, according to research. While 63% would rather look after an ill pet, 42% would break up with any partner who forced them to chose between “me or the animal”.

A survey by M&S Pet Insurance found just 21% of married or civil partnered adults would put their vows before their cat or dog, and 12% of co-habiting people would get rid of their pet for their partner’s sake. Only 11% of unmarried people would give up their furry friend if a partner did not like them, while 52% of women said their other halves came second. However, just 26% of men would choose a relationship over a pet.

M&S head of insurance David Wells said: “These findings are not surprising as Britain is well-known as a pet-loving nation. Pet-owners often have a close bond with their animals as they are often a predictable presence in our ever changing lives; providing unconditional love, emotional support and companionship. Therefore, when a new partner comes along it is not surprising that they need to love the pet as much as the person.”

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