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Cani-Cross Come to Cornwall…

Cani-Cross (canine — cross-country) means running with your dog (any breed). If you’re already running with your dog/s — you already do cani-cross! Previous events have included vision impaired entrants running with a human guide, hearing impaired entrants running with their Hearing Dogs, people who have had a triple heart by pass, 10km/ marathon/ ultra-endurance athletes, to kids, have-a-goes and those that just love to do things with their dogs.

No special equipment or training is needed. You can start today, go out for a training run and enter cani-cross races with your dog on collar and lead. Many choose to harness their dog’s pulling power and chase instinct with a dog running harness, waist belt and cani-cross line. This is more comfortable for both you and your dog and gives you extra assistance (handy for the hills)! Dogs soon learn the difference between their collar and their running harness – understanding that they can pull with one and not the other. The running harness directs all the pulling power to the dogs chest and shoulders away from the neck. The feel is totally different to the collar and significantly more comfortable. Running with your dog in harness can help with loose lead walking. Cani-cross is a brilliant way to get out in the fresh air and spend quality time with your dog. You and your canine chum can enjoy the peace and tranquillity of your surroundings and get in shape at the same time with an invigorating workout.

Cardinham Cani-Cross event (5km and 2.5km)
Date: Sunday 6 April 2008
Closing date: 2 April 2008
Venue: Cardinham Woods, Bodmin, Cornwall

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