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Go walkies for Guide Dogs…

Would you like to ‘go walkies for Guide Dogs’? Go walkies are a series of nationwide sponsored dog walks with a twist, as it’s the dog that is sponsored to take part. You can even get involved if you are not a dog owner by walking in fancy dress or by sponsoring Oatie, a retired guide dog who lost his sight in one eye and is now the official mascot for go walkies.
You can find out more information about go walkies and search for your local events on our website or on Facebook You can also download free apps for iPhone and Android here
Perhaps there is a great walk around your area? You can share it with others by entering it onto our Facebook page or through the smartphone apps. Better still, you could organise your own go walkies event there, maybe even ending with a dog-friendly picnic. The event can involve people of all ages, take place anywhere, anytime and cover any distance, and there is no minimum fundraising requirement.
Our Events Team can supply materials to help promote your go walkies event, and publicise it on our Facebook page. Then when you all have a fabulous time, you share their photos and comments with other dog owners and Guide Dog supporters.
There are lots of ways you can help raise money and awareness for Guide Dogs this year whilst having fun with your dog. If you are would like any more help or information, please contact the Events Team at or on 0845 600 6787. Spread the word about go walkies and come along and have some fun too.
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