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Helsbury Dog Photo Competition 2011 Entry 19

Are we really up to 19 already, well here goes, this entry is from Lisa Castle, she said: “Benson and Oz (Golden Retriever) had a fantastic stay at Helsbury in September for the 7th year! As soon as Benson realised where he was he wanted to go straight down to the fields and river, although he is nearly 12 he was running around the fields and swimming in the river like a young dog, it was really lovely to see. Oz loved exploring for animals in the long grass and hedges at Helsbury. As usual they loved the trips to Daymer Bay and chased the ball in and out of the water for ages, even though tired they just wouldn’t stop. At the end of the day they either fell asleep under the dinner table or on the chair and would sleep for hours. They even lay outside the pool while some of us went swimming. Thanks again for yet another fantastic stay at Helsbury. We are really looking forward to being able to stay in the Farmhouse again.”

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