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Helsbury Dog Photo Competition 2012 Entry 17

Jayne Robinson sent this lovely shot of Stanley waiting to go for his morning walk, looks like the humans are taking a bit long to get ready! Jayne sent us this lovely review:

“As we approached our cottage at Helsbury Park on a gloriously sunny afternoon, the view was breathtaking. My children squealed with delight as they spotted the ponies in front of the lake. My dogs howled in anticipation as they spotted the miles of open fields to roam and woodland to explore. On entering our cottage we were immediately at ease with the pristine cleanliness and the quality of comfort. My girls quickly rushed to put on their swimming costumes, eager to display their new found talents in underwater swimming, while I took my dogs for a ramble in the woodland.

After a long and tiring day we all transferred into our pyjamas, stoked up the fire and settled on the deliciously comfortable sofas to watch a film with the smell of a pot of chilli simmering in the kitchen. The following day we awoke to dense fog, turning into drizzle, hiding the beautiful view we had only just become accustomed to.We were disappointed and our plans for a busy day on the beach rapidly disappeared. After a stroll with the dogs and a dip in the pool we made our way to Padstow for a mooch in the local shops. Whilst there, we managed to secure a table at The Seafood restaurant which was a delight and it took our minds off the gloomy weather.

Once we had returned to the cottage the temperature had dropped and the rain set in. Again we transferred to our pyjamas and stoked up the fire. Very few holidays do you pray for bad weather but at Helsbury Park the worse the weather got the more relaxing and cosy our cottage became. With a swimming pool to tire the girls and acres of land to tire the dogs, this was one of the most relaxing holidays we have had in a long time!”

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