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News from Shona Moon, our Dog Listener…

Another Easter approaches and I do not know where time has gone. Helsbury Park is my idea of Dog Heaven and I have the privilege to come and visit throughout the year. I first met David and Leza when they asked me to come and see their delightful lurcher puppy Solomon~ since then David and Leza have welcomed me into Helsbury Park to help clients and their dogs.

The past year has been a busy and enjoyable one. I’ve met some lovely people visiting Helsbury Park and as always some wonderful dogs. During each session I work with you and your dog and give you a canine view of the world. Once people understand why their dog is behaving as they are then moving forward is so much easier. I remember the Towers family and their beautiful Black Labrador Jonson. The family were concerned because he did not seem able to relax and was always following them around. He pulled on the lead and as he was a strong dog this was becoming a big problem. I spent 2 hours with them and the very good looking Jonson. He did do well and Mr Towers was kind enough to send me an update when he got home:

“Jonson now is a much better behaved dog, your golden 5 minute rule really worked for him, also his food manners are much better, but the most improvement is in himself. He is now much calmer and doesn’t worry as much. Also I have been taking him for obedience classes and he has passed his bronze award already, I am continuing for his silver award. Thanks again”

I offer back up once you return home and always love to hear how you progress. As I write this it is a beautiful spring day and I’m looking forward to meeting some new people and helping them with their dogs. If you would like to book an appointment please feel free to call me on 01208 812677 or visit my web site

Happy holidays and for those who are visiting Helsbury Park for the first time I can assure you, you won’t want to leave.

Hope to meet you soon

Shona Moon
Come to Heal

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