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The Dog Listener…

Shona Moon was back over last week and got a rave review from one of our regualr guests, Carla Berryman: “We asked Shona to come and see us during our most recent holiday at Westhayes, to help us with the integration of our new puppy, Buzz and our existing six year old dog Murphy. Shona started by assessing the temperament of each dog and then offered technique and tips to help keep a calm household!  Shona’s advice was invaluable. She offered ways of helping each dog to relax but tailored to take into account some leg pain Murphy was having then. After showing me how to go about some of the techniques on Murphy, it was pretty obvious Murphy was happy with Shona when he curled up at her feet within ten minutes! I’ve continued the techniques Shona taught me and can highly recommend her.

Give Shona a call on 01208 812 677 if you’d like to use her skills while you are here at Helsbury.

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