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The Farmhouse Garden…

Just wanted to explain how the garden works at the Farmhouse if you’re not familiar. There are in effect three gardens, there’s the space to the front which is open and provides access to the pool and land. There’s a secure dog garden which is gravel underfoot and has a kennel and dog fencing to make sure your dog is enclosed, great for a midnight wee!

There’s a garden focused on the humans in the party which has an eating and relaxing area, you’re more than welcome to have your dog in with you but you do have a choice.
And the back of the garden which we’ve fenced off which houses the office, which is now a communal space for people who’re looking to use the internet facility and there’s also a small children’s playground which we’re looking to keep a poo free zone for obvious reasons.

Hope that’s clear, if not feel free to get in touch.

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