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Trees, trees everywhere and so much space to think

Well I’ve always felt better for a walk down in the woods at Helsbury Park but apparently trees really are good for your health. Research by Professor Ulrich of Texas University suggests that symptoms of stress may be alleviated by simply driving down a tree-lined avenue and statistics show that people recover faster from illnesses & operations if they have had views of or access to trees.

Professor Ulrich said, “Being in a green space for just 5 minutes can have an impact on the nervous system, reducing blood pressure, relaxing muscles and lowering stress levels.” So just think what Helsbury’s 50 acres of ancient woodland could do for you; get your wellies on quick. Not only do we have plenty of trees at Helsbury Park we also have cleaner than average air. A brave claim? Well we believe it’s true because of the amount of lichen than can be found here.

Lichen is not a single plant, it consists of two partners a fungus and an alga that function as one organism. Lichens are very sensitive to air pollution; as a rule of thumb, the smaller the variety of lichens in an area, the more polluted it is. Some lichens grow very slowly so that they can tell you about the history of the environment where you find them. They have been used as indicators of ancient woodlands that have never been clear-felled, like ours. Drug companies also use some lichens to make antibiotics or sunscreen.

So maybe it’s not just the break from the norm that makes so many people feel rejuvenated after a stay at Helsbury. Make a walk in the woods one of your first activities when you arrive at Helsbury Park and you should be quickly de-stressed and relaxed ready to enjoy your holiday all the more.

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