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US Dog Friendliness…

Some interesting developments in the States for dog owners:
  1. California-based Dining with Dogs is a free site that lets dog owners find restaurants in their area that allow dogs in their outdoor seating areas. Currently focusing on New York, Chicago, California, Arizona and Florida, the ad-supported site lets users submit and review restaurants as well as interact with other dog lovers online. Reviews can also be posted directly to Facebook and other popular social networks.
  2. Luxury hotels for dogs aren’t a new concept, but we recently came across one in Portland with a twist that we couldn’t resist sharing. Not only does the Sniff Dog Hotel offer high-end accommodations, grooming, training and daycare, but it also includes a café where dog-loving humans can hang out and watch their canine companions play for free.
  3. For committed pet owners, the joy of holidays is often diminished by the guilt associated with leaving a faithful friend behind in strangers’ hands. Aiming to spare pets and their owners the anguish that can result, SwapaDog is a new network that helps dog owners in the same area connect and exchange pet care when they go out of town.
  4. Prebiotic drinks such as Yakult and Actimel have become highly successful in recent years by combining some fairly sober medical rationale about immune systems with upbeat and positive lifestyle marketing. Inevitably, there’s now a Belgian prebotic for pets. Viyo comes in a cat formula and a dog formula, with varieties for different ages. Like its equivalents for humans, the drink contains friendly bacteria plus nutrients, vitamins and other supplements.
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