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Visitors Book 006

Matthew Stubblefield recently wrote to us with this lovely comment: “We had an amazing time; in fact we all agreed (including our dogs) that it was the best holiday we’ve ever had. Although we were incredibly lucky with the weather which helped enormously, our stay was defined by the wonderful cottage, Broadview, its environment and location. The riverside walk in the grounds of Helsbury Park is stunningly beautiful. The cottage is very well appointed, and was great for all our needs. The new pool is gorgeous; a good size and just the right temperature, but most impressive of all is the view from the pool of the surrounding countryside. We really value our privacy, and peace and quiet, and we found these qualities in spades at Helsbury Park. Though we generally visit new areas on each holiday, it will be most tempting to return to Helsbury Park and I know it will be difficult (if not impossible) to match it anywhere else. Also, the cleanliness of the cottage was very impressive upon arrival, something we always notice. You’re really setting the standard for dog-friendly holidays!”

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