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Helsbury Cider – coming soon we hope!

Apples are a big part of autumn around here., we planted our little orchard at Helsbury Park about 10 years ago using mainly traditional Cornish varieties and this year has given us our best harvest yet. Originally from Asia, apples came to Britain with the Romans. The National Fruit Collection at Brogdale in Kent has […]

The Foodbank and Helsbury Park…

Keeping up standards at Helsbury Park is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge.  We have chosen a country style of décor and solid furniture that can be refinished as we feel this is more sustainable than blowing with the winds of fashion.  And where better for that ‘Farmhouse’ look than in a Farmhouse or […]

Table Tennis now available in the office

With our new superfast wi-fi internet access now up and running in each of the cottages we realised that the office is a bit redundant so we had an opportunity to repurpose it. It was a no-brainer for us, a full size Cornilleau table tennis table was the obvious solution, installed last Friday it’s accessible […]

Don’t forget to bring your Netflix Password…

Since we have the new internet service in each cottage we have also upgraded all the TVs to HD and to be Wi-fi enabled. It means while you’re relaxing in front of the fire this winter you can keep up with all your Netflix box sets, movies, iPlayer, itv hub, Amazon Prime etc etc. Just […]

Woodland sounds help relaxation more than meditation apps

Research by the National Trust finds that birdsong and rustling leaves increase relaxation by 30%. The National Trust commissioned the research as part of an effort to get more people out into environments such as woodland. It is flagging up the fact that the UK’s 3.19m hectares (7.8m acres) of woodland provide one of the most accessible […]

Is Hector our oldest (doggie) guest?

We bumped into Hector and his human Manette on Friday at Helsbury and it got us thinking that he may be our oldest dog guest, he is 15 years and 8 months. He’s been coming for at least five years and is a big fan of Helsbury. Manette said “We had a lovely stay at […]