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wilsey woods

What to do when you arrive early for check in

We know how irritating it is when you arrive early at your cottage, tired of driving, children exited, dog full of energy. There are many beautiful destinations in Cornwall to enjoy. Here is one that you can stop at before you arrive at the cottage.

Wilsey Woods

On the A395, just before you reach Hallworthy, is Wilsey Woods. A beautiful destination with a walk of around three miles, perfect for your dog to burn off some energy and for you to feel like your holiday has already begun. It is a personal favourite of ours for our dog, full of stunning views and the smell of pine trees which will make you feel like it’s Christmas already.

wilsey woods

our dog walking at wilsey woods

If you know you are going to be early, instead of sitting in your car waiting for your cottage to be ready, why not start the adventure?! Cornwall is a fantastic place and if you are lucky enough to live here you quickly find the picturesque locations tourist may miss. By keeping up with these blog posts, we will let you in on the locals’ secrets and you can feel as blessed as we do.

Staying Safe

Always remember when walking in unknown areas, especially woodland where there is lots of wildlife, to keep your dog on a lead. There are animals and plants in the woods that are unsafe for dogs and so keeping your dog close by is important. On top of this, make sure to pick up after your dog as this will make the walk much more pleasant for anyone venturing after you.

We hope this advise will help you to feel more at ease if you arrive early with nothing to do and time to kill. Enjoy your holiday!