Fire Risk Assessment

Source of fire ignition:

The main fire hazards at Helsbury Park come from embers falling from the wood burners onto rugs, from cooking fires or barbecues and from guests smoking. They may also come from guests’ electrical appliances and chargers.

Sources of fuel:

The main sources of fuel at Helsbury Park that are combustible are: Pool and cleaning chemicals, barbecue fuel, logs, fire lighters, heating oil, and cooking oil.

Identify people at risk:

People in and around the premises: Our guests and our cleaning and maintenance team; there may be other visitors from time to time. Some will be small children and elderly relatives or may have mobility issues.

Evaluate, remove or reduce and protect from risk:

The likelihood of the logs catching fire without assistance is viewed as unlikely. The likelihood of a cooker or barbecue fire depends upon the care exercised by the guests. Fire blankets and extinguishers are provided. The oil is stored in bunded tanks and/or well away from the accommodation it is very unlikely that diesel will catch fire in such circumstances. Pool and cleaning chemicals are kept away from potential sources of ignition. The highest risk probably comes from embers falling onto carpet/soft furnishings from the wood burners. We have installed wood burners throughout to minimize risk. We have also installed hard-flooring in all living areas and therefore the risk of embers spreading fire is very remote. We provide fire guards for all guests should they choose to use them.

Evaluate the risk to people from a fire:

The barns have been designed to have as many exits as possible within planning constraints. In addition there are windows that can be exited from in many locations. Each of the layouts gives guests a variety of options to leave the building safely. The Pool building has two clearly signed exits which have emergency lighting in the event of an electrical failure. Guests are advised that they must account for all their party in the event of a fire and to call 999 and explain that they are at Helsbury Park and give the grid reference provided.

Remove or reduce the fire hazard:

The log stores are mainly away from the occupied properties.  The oil tanks are also located away from the accommodation.  Pool and cleaning chemicals are safely stored.  Cleaning chemicals minimized and natural products used wherever possible.  Deep-fat fryers and chip pans are not provided.  A NO SMOKING policy is in operation in all accommodation.

Protect people by providing fire precautions:

  • Fire Detection

We have fitted smoke and heat detectors in all the properties. These are mains powered with battery backup where feasible. Detection is in all key points (kitchen, near fires etc) and access areas (top of stairs). As most of our guests are family groups it is presumed that bedroom doors will not be locked shut and we recommend that they are not closed. All detectors are checked regularly and maintained accordingly. Aside from the above we do not have any major findings to report. All checks are recorded in our Fire Safety Log Book.

  • Firefighting Equipment

We have provided fire extinguishers in each property along with fire blankets. Guests have the fire precaution and basic procedures explained to them in the welcome pack. All electrical equipment is PAT tested and/or regularly replaced.  The Pool building has appropriate fire extinguishers and clearly signed exits which are lit by emergency lights. We advise guests to only use the firefighting equipment provided if doing so will not put them at personal risk.

  • Evacuation Plan

If evacuating a cottage from upstairs we recommend use of the torch which is provided before using the stairs. Make your way to an appropriate or identified exit as soon as possible. Ensure that exits are not blocked and keys are at hand or left in locks to the main exit doors. Gather at the assembly point and contact the emergency services by dialing 999.

Record any major findings and action you have taken:

All fire equipment regularly tested and maintained/replaced by a specialist company. Aside from the above we do not have any major findings to report. All actions are recorded in our Fire Safety Log Book.

Prepare an emergency plan:

The emergency plan is displayed clearly to guests, which is to get all your party out and accounted for and call 999 and say you are at Helsbury Park. Guests are provided with our grid reference and postcode. We ask that after contacting the emergency services they contact us.

Inform those using the house:

As above we ask our guests and subcontractors to notify us as soon as any emergency situation arises.