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Is Hector our oldest (doggie) guest?

We bumped into Hector and his human Manette on Friday at Helsbury and it got us thinking that he may... Read more

New enclosed garden for Westhayes

We’ve done lots of landscaping work over the summer which includes a new enclosed garden for Westhayes, here at Helsbury... Read more

Stunning Harvest at Helsbury…

As well lots of juicy blackberries, we also have a fine crop of apples in our orchard this year here... Read more

Wi-fi also available in our stunning pool…

It seems obvious now, but as the team were installing the wi-fi for the cottages we realised we’d overlooked something.... Read more

Finally, we have a connection…

We’re so pleased to announce the implementation of a state of the art connection to the internet here at Helsbury.... Read more

New access to the barns

We’re pleased to announce that there’s now a new access to the cottages. It adds additional parking spaces and is... Read more