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Around Helsbury – the Highlights of North Cornwall

We thought it would be good to produce a definitive guide to our local area so we have put together... Read more

New Year Special Offer!

New Year is a great time to be in Cornwall, with cosy log fires, wintry walks and dog friendly beaches... Read more

Helsbury Cider – coming soon we hope!

Apples are a big part of autumn around here., we planted our little orchard at Helsbury Park about 10 years... Read more

The Foodbank and Helsbury Park…

Keeping up standards at Helsbury Park is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge.  We have chosen a country style... Read more

Table Tennis now available in the office

With our new superfast wi-fi internet access now up and running in each of the cottages we realised that the... Read more

Don’t forget to bring your Netflix Password…

Since we have the new internet service in each cottage we have also upgraded all the TVs to HD and... Read more