Helsbury’s Back Garden

Here at Helsbury we are very much aware of the almost embarrassing amount of natural beauty surrounding us and feel it is our duty to work with the landscape and wildlife to preserve it and encourage it to flourish. Helsbury Park was created as a deer park for the Black Prince, the first Duke of Cornwall in 1337 and with a history like that comes some responsibility.

With this in mind we always aim for balance in our land management and business activities, to maximise the amount of freedom available to guests with the relaxation that affords while recognising the need to maintain the land and support wildlife and the local economy. As you can imagine that takes some juggling.

On site walks

It’s always possible to take your dogs for a walk on Helsbury land and many guests do so every day enjoying the woods, river and parkland on our circular nature walk. An increasing variety of wildlife is being spotted on site, we have Buzzards nesting in the woods and there are still deer here.

We have also planted a small mixed fruit orchard and have a picnic spot by our large pond so we hope you find you don’t always need to get in the car to go exploring even though we are ideally located if you do.

Forest Bathing

The woods at Helsbury are exactly as nature intended, unspoilt and peaceful. Perfect for a bit of forest bathing, there are many secluded spots to undertake a bit of mindfulness. With or without your dog the ancient woodland is a welcome respite to modern life, you will feel genuinely refreshed after spending time in this timeless tranquility. Check out our Mindful Moments videos to get a feel for the amazing atmosphere here on site.

helsbury park mindful moments

What our guests say...

"We've just had a great time, the sun has shone and although it's been a bit windy down by the river it's calm and beautiful. Very comfortable for us and the dogs. So much to do, we shall be back for more comfort and luxury."
"We had a lovely week at Helsbury Park and a lovely daily walk around the site. Thank you for creating such a great place for us humans and of course our dog he was in heaven all week. We will be back!"
"Helsbury Park is a superb environment for children & dogs & everyone. Don’t really need to leave the site other than to take the kids to the beach. All facilities (pool, walks) amazing."

The pool, sauna and gym

This beautiful new building houses a large swimming pool, sauna, gym, toilets and wet rooms. The building has a totally sustainable approach to it’s construction and the impact it has on the environment. It sits in the lee of the hill and blends in to the landscape ensuring that it complements the beauty of the Helsbury site.

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