Executive Summary

You’re probably a bit busy, so we’ll cut to the chase…

OK, the bottom line is there’s ‘dog friendly’ and there’s ‘dog friendly’…you can search for hours online and you’ll find loads that do the first kind: one small, well behaved dog or some other pathetic rubbish. Come on, get real…we’re dog owners, we like stupid, big, bouncy dogs who love life, that’s the fun of it – isn’t it?

Helsbury is stunning and we work damn hard to keep it that way and we won’t compromise on anything – and above all we know it’s your holiday and you want to relax and enjoy yourselves. You might look at our prices and suck your teeth, and there are plenty cheaper and there are quite a few more expensive but feel the quality on this place – there’s nowhere to touch it, and that’s not just in Cornwall, that’s in the UK!

We do everything we can to help, is 100 acres on the doorstep enough? More sticks than your dog knows what to do with and a river! Slate floors – they clean up pretty well. Wood fires to keep you warm. Beautiful interiors. Spacious living areas. Ensuite bathrooms. A comprehensive guidebook with lots of places to go with your dog including restaurants, gardens, beaches, woodland walks, moorland rambles, did we mention the hundred acres on the doorstep?

People say to us: “is it OK to leave the dog in the property while we go out?” Our answer is: Why would you want to? This is a holiday where your dog is part of the holiday not an inconvenience or a hindrance. We love dogs, we love Cornwall, we love good food, we love art, we love cycling, we love the beach – come and have a piece of it.

Oh yeah, people are allowed too. And if you haven’t noticed we’ve got this swimming pool thing too, you’re probably not bothered about it, don’t worry, pretend I didn’t mention it.