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Helsbury Park is a unique holiday experience, it not only has luxury cottage accommodation but is totally dog friendly, which makes it almost unique in the UK, and with around 100 acres of back garden for your dog to run in; including river, woods and pasture, it’s a treat for the whole family and there’s no excuse not to holiday with your dog in these stunning dog friendly cottages.

At Helsbury Park we understand that nothing spoils a holiday as quickly as fretting about your dog incarcerated in boarding kennels. So we’re happy for you to bring your dogs with you and enjoy this superb dog friendly cottage accommodation.

Our dog friendly cottage accommodation consists of Westhayes and Marhayes, which share an open plan garden with a separate enclosed area for exercising your dog, while the Farmhouse is set apart with its own enclosed gardens.

North Cornwall is so dog friendly

North Cornwall is incredibly dog friendly, the wide open expanse of Bodmin Moor, the unique Camel Trail and the spectacularCoastal Path turn ‘walkies’ into an adventure for the whole family. The only thing more pleasurable than watching your dog run free along the golden sands of a beautiful, dog friendly Cornish beach, chasing the frothing waves as they rush to shore, is the knowledge that you’re all staying in dog friendly luxury cottages.

Helsbury Park will add the comforts of home to your holiday experience and it won’t just be the family dog that’s pampered. When you stay in one of our stunning cottages you can kick off your shoes and put your feet up in front of a roaring fire, or wallow in a steaming bath to unwind after a hard day’s dog walking. And of course if you’re feeling up to it you can take a swim or relax in the sauna of our stunning new pool facility.

Check out our dog code for more information on bringing your dog to Helsbury.

Making your dog holiday one to remember

Our housekeeper can arrange dog sitting services if you are looking to have a night out at one of the stunning local restaurants. We’ve also provided each cottage with its own spacious, private kennel, so you can leave your dog without worry if you need a time out, to clean them up or if you need to pop out. There’s also dog bowls, dog treats, poo bags, travel food and water containers and blankets for covering the furniture.

On site walks

We’ve tried to think of everything we can to make your stay in dog friendly heaven as relaxing as possible. Did we mention the 100 acres of back garden? Below is a map of our on site dog walks which gives you an idea of what you’re in for. It shows which areas are gated and roughly the best areas to walk. The map represents about 3 miles of tracks which are available here on site, as a guide to get down to river and back would take 20-30 minutes, if you take a full loop of the park then you’d be looking at 45-60 minutes of walking. You can now get across the river as well using our new bridge! Or you can do what I do which is to try and go a different way each day, there’s at least 6 variants so ideal for a week’s stay!

Dog walks on site at Helsbury Park

Dog walks on site at Helsbury Park

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