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Happy Beach Days With Your Dog

One of Cornwall’s biggest draws is its beautiful beaches. For dog owners especially, have beach days with your dog makes a huge difference to the nature of their holiday and what they are able do with their dogs. However, it is easy to make mistakes at the beach that can impact your dog’s health, from matted fur to too much sun exposure, there are factors that you need to be aware of when having a beach day with your pooch.

Avoid the hottest part of the day when you visit the beach with your dog

There are not many shady areas on the beach so if you have gone when the midday sun starts to hit, find a beachside café. At the café they are likely to have water available for your dog, but in the interest of safety, try and bring a water bowl for your furry friend so they can cool off.

On top of this to protect your pup from sunburn ask your vet to recommend a suncream for your dog. Also note that the tips of the ears and noses are highly susceptible to burning

To keep your dog cool, try to encourage them to go in the sea! Investing in water toys for them, just make sure you keep to the shallow areas so that they don’t get tired or overwhelmed, especially if they aren’t used to the water.

Never leave your dog alone in a hot car

Even if you have left the windows open, it is never safe, and can become very dangerous within 15 minutes. If you have taken your dog with you on holiday, then you have made a commitment to them to ensure their comfort and safety. If you can’t promise them this, then maybe reconsider taking your dog away with you.

Let’s talk about fur care

Brushing your dog will remove dead hair, allowing the skin to breath, thus keeping your dog cool. Ensure you have got the right grooming tools for your dog before brushing to make to process as easy for both you and the dog as possible.

Dogs often don’t like being washed and, I can say from personal experience, they like to let you know about it. Whilst sometimes bathing your dog can be necessary for the sanctity of your nose, bathing your pooch too often can cause disruption to the natural oils the dogs skin produces to keep their fur healthy, and so washing these oils out could leave the fur dry and even cause hair loss. However, it is advised that you rinse your dog’s fur when you get back from the beach to remove salt or sand, avoid using products too often and just rinse using water.

If you have a dog with longer hair or sensitive skin, a bath after the beach may be advised. All dogs are different so if you are unsure of anything, contact your vet or speak to a local groomer about the best methods of doggy hair care.

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