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Cornish Christmas Lights at Mousehole

Cornish Christmas Drecklyness

December is here at last and we finally allow ourselves to use the ‘C’ word without apology (not ‘cornish’ obviously we fling that about with pride all year round) together they sound more hygge though: Cornish Christmas.

The hygge hype may have passed but the idea wasn’t new in Cornwall: that pared back, slow grown, cosy concept could easily translate into ‘drecklyness’.  The Cornish ‘dreckly’ sort of means ‘all in good time’ it takes the hurry and worry out of life.

We will soon be decorating the cottages for the lucky families who get to come and unwind as well as unwrap at Helsbury Park over the festive period.  There are still a few vacancies in December if you fancy putting your stockings up by the fire at Helsbury, with or without your feet inside! However, if you miss out, you could still inject some Cornish Christmas drecklyness into your life with the help of some of our favourite Cornish companies.

Seasalt is a great Cornish company with sound ethical and environmental credentials. They work closely with Cornish artists and charities and have produced some beautiful, unique Christmas cards and wrapping paper drawing on iconic Cornish images. Their gifts are fun too: we think the Granite & Gorse and Salt & Sea Air candles and tea lights are a wonderful way to reminisce about days on the beach and moor.

Even closer to home is the very fragrant St Kitts Herbery, makers of the delicious Rosemary & Bergamot toiletries that we offer to guests at Helsbury Park. Often described as a “spa in a bottle” these are wonderful for chasing away the winter blues as are their yummy and unusual chocolates.

So, here’s to a cosy Cornish Christmas wherever you may be! And don’t forget our special offer this New Year in the barns, click here for more information.