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Cornwall Air Ambulance

The Cornwall Air Ambulance is an intrinsic part of keeping locals and tourists safe. It is designed for remote location and particularly the coast, as people get caught out by unexpected currents or tidal changes or underestimate the power of the sea. In instances like these, the Air Ambulance is called to help people in need. The Air Ambulance doesn’t only play a key role in saving lives by the coast, it also comes to people’s aid on the moors, where uneven footing can cause unexpected falls, and other scenarios where unforeseen dangers may occur.

Tourists and Cornwall Air Ambulance

On average, 20% of Cornwall Air Ambulance patients are holiday makers, yet less than 5% of donations come from the tourism sector. Due to the remoteness of Cornwall, which is a large part of its appeal to tourists, the Air Ambulance is relied on more heavily to access places a regular emergency vehicle cannot. It is an incredible service that makes Cornwall an even safer place to visit.


The Air Ambulance has saved countless lives, and you can read just some of the stories of people whose lives were saved here. By donating to the Air Ambulance, you help them to continue the incredible work they do, saving lives and keeping families intact. We can never know if or when we will need the help of the Air Ambulance, we can only hope we never do. Unfortunately, sometimes things happen that are out of our control, but knowing that the Air Ambulance is there and will save us is an amazing support. You can donate to the Cornwall Air Ambulance by clicking here where you can make a one off or monthly donation.