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craft brewing in cornwall

Craft Brewers in Cornwall

Like much of the UK Cornwall has its fair share of craft brewers and the area around Helsbury Park is no different. Brewing requires only four ingredients: water, barley, hops and yeast. It is amazing how many different flavours and the diversity in tastes that can be created using the same base. This goes to show how much skill and creativity goes into this ancient art. The first ever beer was brewed in 7000 BCE in China, coming to the west some time between 3500 and 3100 BCE.

Cornwall is currently home to 39 breweries including the big boys like St Austell Brewery and Sharps as well some amazing smaller craft brewers like these…

Tintagel Brewery

Tintagel Brewery is a multi-award-winning brewery established in 2009. They brew a range of ales using wind power from their own turbine and fresh water from their spring. The brewery shop is open 6 days a week (Tuesday-Sunday), opening at 10am and closing at 5pm (Tuesday-Saturday) and opening at 11am and closing at 4pm on a Sunday. They are known for making beers such as Castle Gold (3.8%), Cornwall’s Pride (4%) and Harbour Special (4.8%). They have a bar and bistro which is open from Wednesday to Saturday (9am- 10pm) and Sundays (9am- 8pm), located just outside Tintagel (20 minutes from Helsbury).

Harbour Brewing Co

Harbour Brewing Co was developed in 2012 with the idea that the beer they brewed would reflect the land and shores of Cornwall. They use Cornish spring water in their brewery and the concept evolved by the ocean. They are known for beers such as the Daymer Pale Ale (3.8%), Maverick Pilsner (5%) and the Big Wednesday IPA (5.6%). Their manifesto states that they match their “love for the traditional Cornish lifestyle with a dedication to modern brewing techniques”, they take the best of what’s around them, combined with all they have learnt from years in the industry.

Firebrand Brewing Co

Firebrand was created in 2012 and began in a converted milk parlour. Now they are situated in Launceston (30 minutes from Helsbury) and not only brew amazing beer but have a brilliant pub upstairs which is dog friendly and one of our favourites. It has an incredible atmosphere and puts on brilliant events. Their beers include the Patchwork Rocket Pale Ale (4%), West Coast Session IPA (4.5%) and the Graffiti IPA (5%). The beer shop is open on Fridays from 10am until 10pm so you could get yourself some delicious craft ales on your way to us. The pub is open on Thursdays and Fridays from 4pm until 10pm and on Saturdays from 11am until 10pm.

If you see these craft brewers products locally do give them a try!