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Why is it So Important to Keep Dogs on Leads?

Dog owners have a big responsibility when it comes to keeping their dogs on a lead. Not only for the dog, but also for the environment they expose them to. Dogs are amazing animals, many of which have been bred to hunt certain types of wildlife. If you follow us on Instagram you have probably seen many picture of Poe, our standard Dachshund. Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt badgers and a variety of other woodland creatures; this means that, for both his safety and that of the wildlife around us, we tend to keep him on a lead.

Helsbury Walks

At certain times of the year here at Helsbury there is wildlife that may be vulnerable, around the woods and the river, as well as in the fields. Dogs pose a threat to this wildlife as they are more than likely to be tempted to play chase, no matter how well trained they are. Even if they don’t intend to harm the animal they are chasing, by disturbing them, they are likely to cause it distress and disrupt the natural ecosystem. On top of this, when off the lead, dogs may go to the toilet, unnoticed by their owner, leading to an unpleasant surprise for the next walker.

General Walks

This does not only apply to Helsbury. Anywhere you go where there might be a risk of disturbing people or nature, dog owners should be mindful of your dog and keep them on a close lead. Of course it is important for dogs to explore and sniff, but there is no reason you should not be with them. If you have gone for a dog walk you should walk with your dog! Not only is it important to keep them and others safe and happy but it is also a great way to bond with your dog.

Thank You for Keeping your Dog on a Lead

We know that most of our guests and dog owners who come to Cornwall are respectful, mindful and make sure to maintain Cornwall’s beauty. If that most could become all, everyone would be able to enjoy perfect walks, unaffected by stray dog poos, and the natural ecosystems would go unharmed. We thank everyone who already abides by these ideals for setting an incredible example.