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old inn st breward

Feeding your family on holiday

It is fantastic to be able to welcome visitors back to Helsbury Park. We understand some of you may be wondering how best to go about feeding your family on holiday this year.

Our lovely local, The Old Inn at St. Breward are all over it as ever.  They have implemented a one-way system, so please enter by the main entrance if you’re used to sneaking in the back way.   If you don’t fancy eating out just yet you can still use to order takeaway.

Another local business that has put a huge effort in preparing a safe environment and warm welcome is Hilltop Farmshop at Slaughterbridge. Check out what they have on offer here:

Both these businesses have been a tremendous support to the local community during lockdown so it is our great pleasure to thank, promote and support them.  Please remember to book in advance.

Changes we have made

We have had to remove a lot of bits and pieces from our kitchens to enable us to ensure everything is properly cleaned and sanitised at each changeover. But you will still have the essentials for producing a good family meal.  Just bring your own oyster shucker!

In order to leave precious delivery slots for those self-isolating we have been inspired to find an alternative way to shop during lock down.  We have had some delicious meals from and they have a huge range of recipes to choose from.  As they supply all the ingredients from a spoonful of flour to a teaspoon of spices they offer a great option for holiday food. 

The only extras you may need are oil, salt and pepper. Everything comes in an insulated parcel that will stay cool for 24hrs. So why not get your meals delivered to your home on Thursday evening and put the whole box in your car to bring with you. Easy peasy squeezy cheesy!