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the ancient woodland at helsbury park

Forest Bathing at Helsbury Park – no soap required

Watching TV coverage from the Chelsea Flower Show this week, especially the RHS Back to Nature garden, has inspired us to find out a bit more about Forest Bathing. We have certainly noticed the restorative affect a walk in the woods can have on our guests here at Helsbury Park and it is great to know there is some science to back this up.

Developed during the 1980’s, Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing) has become an established part of health care in Japan and research suggests it can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, improve mood and strengthen the immune system. 

This isn’t about exercise, although that will help too. The walking element of Forest Bathing is a gentle wander not a route march and the ‘bathing’ part is about immersing yourself in nature.   So, stroll down to the woods, stop, maybe sit on a rock or a log. Listen to the wind in the leaves, the river rambling on, birds nattering and creatures creeping.  Feel the air on your skin, the earth under your feet and touch the trees around you (maybe not the holly). Breathe deep, relax and feel better. You’re worth it.