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the ancient woodland at helsbury park

Our Gorgeous Grounds

Our guests usually come to Helsbury for the dog friendly accommodation, the beautiful scenery, and the proximity to Cornwall’s amazing beaches but the real bonus is our gorgeous grounds which are absolutely perfect for dog walking. We are always thrilled to read guest reviews and here are a few of our recent comments…

“the best dog walking area we have ever encountered”

We are proud to say that Helsbury has around 80 acres of land, available for a range of walks that you and your dogs will love. With woods, fields, footpaths and the pond, we hope you will find beautiful walks that suit you and your dog to make your holiday as special as possible.

“the grounds definitely made it that bit extra special!”

Our grounds are a gorgeous and instrumental part of what makes your holiday special. We take great care to ensure that the grounds are kept to an incredible standard for which we can only thank our fantastic groundsman. We hope you appreciate and enjoy everything the area has to offer, because it really is magical.

“my wife scored the dog walking 15 out of 10 and named part of the dog walk an ‘enchanted forest’”

This review really resonated with us as we can say from experience that our woods, especially in the summer, feel like something out of a fairy-tale. When the bluebells are out in the spring and the sun is rising through the trees, it feels like another world. Our woods are also full of wildlife! We even have a hide if you’re interested in seeing some of the birds or animals that inhabit the woods.

Find out more about our gorgeous grounds on our back garden page.