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Keep Dogs Happy and Safe on Holiday

We’ve welcomed dogs and their owners to Helsbury Park on holiday for nearly 20 years and we thought it might be helpful to share some of that experience to help guests keep dogs happy and safe on holiday.

They Grow Up So Fast

There are currently an estimated 12 million dogs in the UK and if you got a puppy during lockdown it is probably now an adolescent.  According to the RSPCA dogs reach adolescence somewhere between 6-24 months of age.

Teendogs have huge amounts of energy, they need to explore and run and are impulsive.  Some also suffer from increased anxiety and fear which intensifies in a new environment.  This can result in unpredictable or destructive behaviour and it may seem like all your hard work training your cute puppy has gone out of the window as they begin having accidents again, ignore your recall or bark at strangers.  Distraction and positively directing all that energy is key.  That is why a natural pull toy and some scrummy Scrumbles training treats are part of our welcome gift.

If you are in any doubt about your dog’s behaviour you should bring your puppy crate with you or you can borrow one from us. We also have spacious kennels attached to each property if your dog needs a time out. You should never leave your young dog alone in the property at any time.

That Makes Scents

Dogs can be inquisitive, excitable and impulsive (but we love them) and this can get them into all sorts of trouble.  Playing with livestock might seem like fun to a dog but it counts as ‘worrying’ which is a Criminal Offence. It carries a penalty of £1000 fine, possibly jail, definitely a large bill for compensation and the farmer is legally entitled to shoot the dog.  Reported cases are up 50% in Q1 of 2021, remember that field may not be as empty as it looks.

Dogs also follow their noses.  Rabbits, foxes and badgers all smell fascinating to a dog but underground adventures can result in dogs getting stuck.  Snuffling around unsupervised can also lead to dangerous snacks, especially on the beach.  Dead sea creatures make for very poorly tummies and fishhooks can be deadly.  Dogs sometimes run right off cliffs too when the chase or bolt instinct takes over.  Talking of Bolts, Usain Bolt’s 100m World Record is 9.58 seconds but a dog can cover that distance in 5 seconds.  You are not going to catch them.  It is always safest to keep your dog on a lead when out and about in unfamiliar countryside.

Holiday With Your Dog

We have many wonderful guests who regularly come on holiday with their dogs.  For most likely success your dog needs to be an integral part of your planning.  It is unkind to leave a dog (especially a young or nervous one) alone in a strange place and stressed dogs tend to chew furniture (see the images above) and have accidents which can be embarrassing and expensive.  Cornwall is one of the dog friendliest places we have ever known, many beaches, pubs and attractions welcome dogs or you can book a dog-sitter if required.  At Helsbury Park we try to make it easy to relax with your dog and we look forward to many more years welcoming happy dog lovers to our corner of Doggy Heaven.