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Helsbury’s Hazel Ring

Cornwall is known for its photogenic scenery and at Helsbury, you don’t need to go far to find an Instagramable moment; we have recently worked with a local forestry craftsman to create a beautiful hazel ring which we cannot wait to share with you all. It will make the stunning setting for the perfect photo.

Symbolism of Hazel

Hazel was said to be a magic tree, a hazel rod protecting against evil spirits. In some parts of England, hazels were carried as charms or to ward of rheumatism. In Ireland, hazel was known as the ‘Tree of Knowledge’, and in medieval times was a symbol of fertility. Historically, it was used for thatching spars, net stakes, water-divining sticks, hurdles and furniture. Now it is more commonly used for artistic purposes.


The hazel we used was coppiced which is the process of removing parts of the tree at the base to create a ‘stool’ so that new shoots can regrow. It has been used as a woodland management technique since the Stone Age. It has benefits for wildlife as well, for example, extending the lifespan of the trees by shedding the trees’ branches and allowing them to naturally retrench. We spent a day coppicing at Helsbury so that the hazel ring is made with our own, sustainably sourced branches.

Creating the Hazel Ring

This incredible arch was created by a local forestry craftsman, Ian Graham, who you can follow on Instagram @thewoodlandstore. Follow him to see more photos of the making of this amazing project. It took a lot of hard work and skill and the results have been incredible. We are so thankful and hope you appreciate this new addition as much as we do. Stay tuned to see the development of this stunning hazel ring but for now, take a look at the process so far in the video below.