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Hector, the oldest dog at Helsbury

Is Hector our oldest (doggie) guest?

We bumped into Hector and his human Manette on Friday at Helsbury and it got us thinking that he may be our oldest dog guest, he is 15 years and 8 months. He’s been coming for at least five years and is a big fan of Helsbury.

Manette said “We had a lovely stay at Helsbury this past week. Hector was enjoying the gardens at his ripe old age of 15 years and 8 months!  His brother and sister, Archie (9 years and 8 months) and Darcy (a week short of 2 years) also had a great week enjoying all their walks. We’ll look forward to our stay again next year, which will be our 7th year we think!”

Let us know if you’re dog can beat that to become our oldest doggie guest!