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marhayes 2020

Marhayes Revamp for 2020

As part of our continuous maintenance cycle at Helsbury Park, the last few months have seen us implement a major Marhayes revamp.  We’ve stuck with our commitment to sustainability by repurposing one of the dressers with a funky new granite worktop, sourced in Cornwall, to create additional workspace in the kitchen.  This has been joined by a smart, new American-style fridge.

We prefer our colour-schemes to reflect the landscape, so we’ve embraced the current trend for yellows and greys which evoke the granite and gorse of the moors beautifully in the updated soft furnishings.  New plump sofa cushions, scatter cushions, thermal curtains and duvets all add to the cosy comfort while the colours complement the feeling of space and light.

marhayes kitchen 2020
marhayes kitchen 2020

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