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10 Mindful Things to do at Helsbury this Autumn

Here’s our list of 10 mindful things to do at Helsbury this Autumn. The weather has been lovely so far this season and with the trees changing colour there are lots of things to do on site to make your stay as relaxing as possible:

1.  Go down to the river, be still and quiet and listen to it flow past
2.  Get up early, walk to a high point and watch the mist roll down the Camel valley
3.  Take in the magnificent view from the sauna
4.  Collect as many different coloured leaves as you can and make something beautiful
5.  Have a late night swim
6.  Light the fire, lay back and enjoy the glow
7.  Head into the woods and bathe in the light coming through the leaves
8.  Cross the bridge and walk to the furthest point, then take a moment to look back
9.  Sit on the granite bench and listen to the birds
10.  Find the cave at dusk and watch out for bats or listen for the owl
And of course there’s lot of other things you can do out and about in Cornwall that involve pubs, beaches, views and lots of other interesting activities, it’s all up to you!
Have a lovely Autumn.