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Port Gaverne: A great family day out

I have so many amazing memories of going to Port Gaverne, swimming in the sea and messing about on kayaks with my friends. We would then come back in and have barbecued Mackerel caught off the side of a kayak from 200 metres away and finish the day with a hot chocolate from the pub. Port Gaverne is a wonderful, place to swim and kayak or paddle board. It is a relatively sheltered bay, so the sea isn’t too choppy making it a fun environment for novice water sport enthusiasts.

Sea Kayaking at Port Gaverne

You can hire equipment from Cornish Rock Tors who will provide advice, paddleboards and kayaks. They run guided sessions for sea kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, coasteering and open water swimming. The guided sea kayaking excursions go to near-by coves and beaches or to Port Isaac which neighbours Port Gaverne. Kayaking is a great way to spot wildlife and scenery away from busy, crowded areas.

Stand-up Paddleboarding

If you want to get involved in stand-up paddleboarding, you will be given full instructions to cater to complete beginners and then be given access to otherwise inaccessible locations along the Cornish coastline.


Coasteering is an amazing opportunity for people who enjoy high adrenaline sports. It is crucial that you do it with trained instructors who will provide all the necessary equipment and PPE as if you are not familiar with the area you could overestimate the depth of the water or get stuck in a choppy area and the effects could be extremely dangerous. Cornish Rock Tors offer a range of coasteering opportunities along the coast making it accessible to people of different ages and abilities.

Open Water Swimming at Port Gaverne

Open water swimming is a fun and liberating experience and work-out, however, like coasteering, if you are unfamiliar with the area, you may find yourself in a rip current or out of your depth quite quickly. Cornish Rock Tors ensures you are in safe hands and will not get caught out in unfamiliar waters. No matter your ability, you can give open water swimming a go!

Port Gaverne offers so many fun things to do from the activities highlighted above to coastal walks, and access to a lovely pub and a great café. It is also close to Port Isaac where there are many amazing restaurants including Nathan Outlaw.


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