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Reduce Reuse Recycle

Remember Reduce, Reuse, Recycle?

In a year where we’ve been forced to adapt at a terrifying pace and three-part slogans have filled the air, we have strayed from our environmental path somewhat. But now it’s time to remember Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and in that order.

Reduce and Reuse

We still need a certain amount of PPE and single use items to operate within the guidelines and keep everyone safe here at Helsbury Park.  However, we are trying to offset these necessary precautions by sourcing more ecologically sound products for use in the cottages.  Thanks to subscriptions to Who Gives a Crap and SMOL, we no longer have plastic wrapped loo roll, laundry liquid or dishwasher tablets. 

SMOL has been voted best dishwasher tablet by BBC Good Food so there’s no compromise on quality either.  We also have Ocean Saver surface cleaner which has a reusable trigger sprayer.  We buy the active ingredients in a handy little capsule and add our own water to cut down on packaging and shipping.


We have also switched our waste management to a local Cornish company that sort, treat and recycle as much as possible just down the road.  They collect when needed rather than on a set schedule which saves fuel too.

Keep an eye on our sustainability page to find out more about our Reduce, Reuse, Recycle policy.