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retreat at helsbury

Our first retreat

Recently, Helsbury provided the venue for a retreat hosted by Soleira Green at The Visionary Network. The Visionary Network is a “global community of visionaries, coaches, entrepreneurs, social innovators, trainers, parents, teachers, and just about anyone who shares our passion for a vibrant, new, connected world”.

They held their retreat at Helsbury and the reviews we received were amazing! Soleira stated that “the event went spectacularly well, greatly enhanced by the elegant and cosy houses, the pool, gym and sauna, the fabulous walks on this beautiful land of ancient woods”.

Tranquil Walks

Our SSSI woods are something that we take great pride in as they are full of wildlife and provide a gorgeous habitat for local plants and animals. The amount of outdoor space at Helsbury makes it the perfect place for tranquil walks to clear your mind and get some fresh air. The delegates also visited local attractions and also spent some time on the moor taking in the atmosphere and ancient wonders.

This was the first retreat that has been held at Helsbury and the result was even better than we could have imagined. Participants said that “Helsbury Park is an amazing location filled with beauty and magic! The pool alone is worth the whole stay… glorious land to walk and enjoy and explore and the houses are comfortable and well equipped. Highly recommend! 5 Stars”. This kind of feedback is heart-warming for us as we take a lot of pride in our facilities and so to have them spoken of so highly is fantastic.

Perfect location

We greatly enjoyed being involved in this event and are so glad that the participants had such a good time.  Helsbury is a perfect location where groups can come together with a shared interest or purpose and perhaps leave as lifelong friends. It is rewarding to see people have such positive experiences together at Helsbury and make amazing memories; we hope this is the first retreat of many.

If you are interested in hosting an event here at Helsbury please do get in touch: