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Split Bean Coffee - Royal Cornwall Show

Royal Cornwall Show 2024 – Food and Drink

If you’ve been to any show or fair, you know food and drink is one of the most crucial aspects to having a good time. The Royal Cornwall Show does not disappoint. From fruit stalls, to souvlaki, to massive pick ‘n’ mix stalls, there is something for everyone. Here is a review of the food we tried!

Ann’s Pasties

If you are a pasty lover like us, you know that every aspect is crucial to the creation of the perfect pasty. Ann’s Pasties pastry is the best we’ve ever tried. It is flaky, flavourful and fantastic. The filling too is delicious, we tried both the steak and the vegan and the flavour was *chef’s kiss*, and if you like your vegetables well cooked, then the texture would be perfect for you as well, however, if you prefer firmer vegetables, these pasties may not be for you.

Overall, we would give them 8/10

Yummy Cookies

We tried two of these cookies, the cappuccino and the black forest. The texture of these cookies is perfect and the black forest cookie, across all aspects, is the best we’ve ever had. The cappuccino, whilst tasty, did not have a strong coffee flavour like we would’ve hoped.

Overall, the black forest flavour is 10/10, and the cappuccino is 7/10

Split Bean Coffee

I had a delicious oat milk iced coffee from a gorgeous looking stall in the flower tent. The coffee was delicious and the range of snacks and drink options is fantastic, however, they did come with a high price point.

Overall, we would rate this 8/10

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