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Localised Lockdowns, the ‘rule of 6’ and more turbulent times

As we see in the news that the government is stepping up measures to combat COVID-19 we wanted to share the information we have been given by Cornish Cottage Holidays/Sykes on what to do if these measures affect our guests.

Guests who are unable to travel due to a legislated localised lockdown or the ‘rule of 6’ government announcement about social gatherings are advised to contact Sykes. They will be getting high numbers of calls again so please only contact them if you are due to depart in the next 14 days. You can also log into your online account to choose either rearranging your booking or requesting a cash refund. Sykes will make refunds (if this is the option chosen) in a ‘starting date’ order.

Stay up to date

As there is currently no official end date to the ‘rule of 6’ Sykes will be operating a rolling review period initially up to 11th October 2020. This will be revised by Sykes on a weekly basis, following government guidance so please keep checking their web site for the most up-to-date advice. At present some groups of more than six are still eligible to travel, e.g. if they are part of the same household or “support bubble” but this too could change.

We have been contacted by Cornwall Council and advised that if our guests break the ‘rule of 6’ guidelines we could face a fine of £4000.  Therefore, if it is brought to our attention that there are more than 6 people in any of our properties, we will be calling on Sykes to check the party concerned is compliant and if not, guests will be asked to leave.  Please do not waste your journey and spoil your holiday, make any changes necessary to comply before you travel. 

Thank you all.