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Foodbank and Helsbury Park

The Foodbank and Helsbury Park…

Keeping up standards at Helsbury Park is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge.  We have chosen a country style of décor and solid furniture that can be refinished as we feel this is more sustainable than blowing with the winds of fashion.  And where better for that ‘Farmhouse’ look than in a Farmhouse or Barn?  Still, occasionally things which may still be perfectly sound become more shabby than chic or “not 5 star” as it’s known around here.

It’s against our nature to send serviceable furniture to the tip so the lovely people from our local Foodbank have been to collect a van-full this week and they’re coming back next week with a bigger van!  While it is sad to hear just how many (often working) families are reliant on Foodbanks it is good to know that our unloved furniture will help people in crisis and find an appreciative new home.

We have chosen the Foodbank in Launceston as our charity partner. Click here to find out more about them.