Guidance for Use of the Pool Building

We want to make your experience here at Helsbury as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, however we are bound by regulation to provide guidance and instruction for using our pool facility. Please do read the guidance outlined below which should ensure that every guest gets to enjoy the facility safely and happily.


  1. The pool is open every day except Fridays mornings when it is closed for cleaning, testing and general maintenance.
  2. To gain entry to the pool you will need to enter the security number 7540 into the keypad on the main door
  3. We reserve the right to close the pool in the interests of safety, for ad hoc cleaning, repairs or for operational reasons
  4. No responsibility will be accepted for any accident, injury or ill effects caused during or as a result of using these facilities, you use them entirely at your own risk
  5. The facility is only to be used by guests who are staying here on site, please do not invite friends or family who are staying elsewhere to use the facilities as it’s unfair on other Helsbury guests
  6. First aid and eye wash kits are in the low cupboard in the gym
  7. No responsibility will be taken for any loss or damage to personal belongings whilst in the facility
  8. Please shut all doors after using any room or entering or exiting the building to allow our climate control system to operate correctly
  9. Children under 16 must be accompanied in the facility by a responsible adult [over 21] at all times
  10. No smoking or consumption of alcohol within the facility
  11. No dogs allowed in the pool building and all dogs must be kept on a lead within the curtilage of the building
  12. All litter should be put in the bins provided
  13. Please do not sit on the lounge furniture in wet clothing
  14. Please ensure that people and dogs are kept away from the solar panels, they can become extremely hot
  15. Leave the facility in the condition you found it, if you have any comments or concerns regarding the condition of the facility contact us
  16. In the event of an emergency e.g. strong smell of chlorine or fire, evacuate the area immediately and notify us, if we’re not available contact the relevant emergency service straight away. There are two exits, one to the front of the pool and one to the side.
  17. Turn off all the lights on leaving


  1. Open the pool cover by pressing the top arrow button on the cover control panel, do not enter the water until it is completely uncovered.
  2. No diving, the pool is a constant depth of 1.2m so use caution when entering the water
  3. No running around the edge of the pool
  4. Please shower before entering the pool, lockers are provided for your belongings
  5. Do not enter the pool when the cover is on, and do not attempt to walk on the cover
  6. Do not use the pool having just eaten or consumed an excess of alcohol
  7. Babies or toddlers using the pool must wear a swim nappy
  8. It’s our aim to keep all the water in the pool, if there’s an excessive build up of water on the pool surround we may have to close the pool for additional cleaning
  9. Once you’re finished with the pool, ensure everyone is out of the water and close the pool cover using the bottom arrow key on the cover control panel
  10. Do not press the buttons more than once or try and change the cover direction whilst it is moving.


  1. To use the sauna you need to enter £5 into the coin box on the wall of the gym, the lights and the heating element in the sauna will then be on for an hour, the sauna will be up to temperature after around 15 minutes
  2. A guide to correct sauna usage is on the poster on the wall by the sauna door, please read this before entering the sauna as it contains important health and safety information
  3. Advise others if you are planning to use the sauna alone
  4. The sauna is designed to work dry, you may add water to the coals if required but do not use water from the pool
  5. Be careful inside or outside the sauna – the floor and benches may be wet and slippery
  6. Close the door after you enter or exit the sauna to maintain the room temperature
  7. Drink plenty of fluids, but not alcohol, to replace those lost through perspiration


  1. You must be over 16 to use the gym
  2. Only use the machines in the gym if you’re already familiar with their operation
  3. Drink plenty of water whilst exercising, a water fountain is available, please dispose of cups in the bin provided
  4. Do not use the gym if you have any medical condition and not consulted a doctor
  5. Do not enter the gym in outside footwear or when wet as the equipment is mains powered
  6. Please turn the machines off at the mains when you’ve finished using them
  7. Please keep the door to the gym closed so that the room temperature can be controlled