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Things to do before you’re 11 ¾

As the Easter holidays approach we’re all starting to wonder how to entertain the smaller members of the family and I don’t mean Grandma, although the National Trust’s wonderful ‘Things to do before you’re 11 ¾’ list appeals to young people of all ages.  Having checked the list recently I’m delighted to say that you can do at least 33 of them without leaving the site at Helsbury Park

There are hundreds of trees for you to get to know (no.1) so you can easily have fun with sticks (no.12).  With the river Camel running through you can try to skim a stone (no. 5) or spot a fish (no.8).  There are a wide variety of birds to watch (no. 44) and with deer, badgers, foxes and rabbits as residents or frequent visitors you can have a go at discovering wild animal clues (no. 34) or keeping a nature diary (no.48), we even have some wellies you can borrow to go welly wandering (no. 6).  You can watch clouds (no.33) or the sunset (no.49) or even go on a nature walk at night (no. 40) or star gazing (no. 27).  Maybe you’d like to make friends with a bug (no. 31), find funky fungi (no. 22) or discover what’s in the pond (no. 35) and you don’t have to venture far for the others either. 

If you want to challenge yourself to climb a huge hill (no. 28) Roughtor is spectacular and only a couple of miles away or you could tackle Brown Willy, the highest hill in Cornwall which is not much further.

For the coastal activities we love Crackington Haven and Widemouth Bay for rock-pooling, crabbing, swimming in the sea and clambering over rocks, (no.s 37, 39, 42 and 46) and Bossiney has some of the best caves in the area to explore (no. 29).  It is important to stay safe while you’re out and about and we recommend you check the National Trust’s related safety information and especially the excellent RNLI advice on staying safe at the coast before you go adventuring.

If you want to explore on wheels (No. 11) but don’t want to pack your bike, you can hire one from the lovely folk at Snail’s Pace Cafe and set off along the Camel Trail, only 3 miles away.  What’s more they can fill you with delicious goodies before you go or when you return (or both!!) or for you to eat as a picnic in the wild (no. 9).