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Vegetarian Food – Eating out in Cornwall – Part 4

If you’re like me, you love food. If you’re even more like me, you are also a vegetarian. Very often, being a fan of vegetarian food feels almost impossible as you end up with two options, often picking between chips or cheesy chips. But never fret! For I have explored high and low and created a series of blog posts, telling you where to find amazing veggie food without having to suffer another bowl of chips and ketchup packets that have been sitting in your bag for who knows how long.

The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun Inn is a favourite of ours, with a beautiful restaurant, cosy bar and lovely gardens, it offers everything you could need from seasonally tailored menus to a pool table which your kids will spend hours playing something-somewhat-close-to-pool on. Whilst the restaurant does no allow dogs due to the open kitchen, the bar and garden are both dog friendly. The bar and kitchen are open from Wednesdays to Sundays, for more information click here The Rising Sun Inn. The atmosphere is incredible and it makes a fantastic evening out.

The Vegetarian Food

Now to the most important factor, the food. Like I said, the menu is changed seasonally in order to showcase the wonderful produce the Southwest has to offer. The products are fresh and well-chosen to ensure only the best flavours. The chef, Tim Kendall, won South West Chef of the Year Young Professional whilst working for Rick Stein, in October 2016.

“But how was the food?” I hear you ask. It was amazing! I had the Spiced Chickpea Burger with Sweet Chilli Mayo for my main and it was brilliant. I love a good veggie burger and this was just that, with a side chips it was perfect. To begin you could have olives or a focaccia, for starters mozzarella with basil and hazelnut pesto with marinated tomatoes, and for dessert, a classic sticky toffee pudding. As you can see, there are many options for a vegetarian foodie like me to enjoy!

The Rising Sun is in Altarnun which is about 20 minutes from Helsbury across the moor at Davidstow.