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helsbury chocolarder welcome pack

Welcome Back Welcome Pack

As we welcome guests back to Helsbury Park we have decided to revamp our welcome pack to give our visitors big and small, human and canine a new treat or two.

We couldn’t believe our luck when we found Chocolarder.  Described as “Cornwall’s first bean to bar chocolate producer”, they use organic cocoa and seasonal local ingredients to produce plastic free chocolate bars ethically and sustainably.  They even transport their cocoa beans in sailing ships!  We knuckled down to the arduous task of tasting some of their goodies and settled on the Wild Gorse Flower Milk bar as our favourite.  There’s an old saying that gorse stops flowering when kissing goes out of fashion so we hope we can rely on the gorse to be in season all year round!  We think it is absolutely delicious and hope our guests enjoy it too.

helsbury chocolarder welcome pack

Never ones to forget that many of our visitors are of the four-legged variety, we have also found some new treats for them.  Helsbury regulars will have noticed we switched from frisbees to natural rope dog toys.  This was in an effort to ditch some plastic and it makes less of an impact when we ‘find’ them with the mower.  The lovely folk at Paws for Cake make the super cute pasty shaped dog treats which so many have already gobbled up.  This year we are also trying out some Vegetable and Peanut Butter Dental chews from Natural Cornish Pet another local company with sustainability at its heart.

Welcome back to Helsbury Park!