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All Doing the Hokey Cokey

Well we all stay in and then one goes out (but only for essential supplies) it definitely feels like we’re all doing the Hokey Cokey.  The first week of restrictions seemed like some weird dance too, we’d just about absorbed what the changes meant and how to cope when, bam, they changed again.  We all felt really shaken all about.

One of the last visitors to Helsbury Park before lock-down was a nurse having a fortifying break before returning to face the mayhem in London.  It was a welcome opportunity to say thank you for all the amazing work she and her colleagues are doing.  We salute all the critical workers; the medics, those keeping the food, fuel and supplies coming and those emptying the bins.  Thank you all!

Now we’ve settled into a routine of not doing very much.  We have ‘Soup of the Day’ to use up veg, mostly stalks which are surprisingly good and we’re going to try some nettles soon as the River Cottage wizards say this is the time to pick them.  The cider we made back in the Autumn has turned out quite well – not vinegar at least, and any port in a storm!

Thank you to everyone who has had their holiday affected for working with our agent Cornish Cottage Holidays to come to a suitable compromise, if you haven’t been in touch yet please do so as soon as you can.  It seems we all have the wrong kind of insurance!

Our heartfelt condolences go to anyone who has lost a loved one and our warmest wishes to all, especially those self-isolating or feeling ill. 

Spring is definitely here, and the wildlife is thriving in the peace and quiet.  Like them, keep on keeping on and we will look forward to welcoming you to Cornwall and Helsbury Park at some point in the hopefully not too distant future.