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How to Be Sustainable and Enjoy a Beach BBQ

Being sustainable has become increasingly important to people as we learn about the impact we have on the environment. This should not be forgotten when on holiday either! Read on to find out how to be more sustainable whilst enjoying a BBQ.

Invest in reusable BBQs

Reusable BBQs like the fold-able Flatdog made by ProQ Smokers are a great option and are far more sustainable than the alternative. Disposable BBQs contribute to landfill making them significantly worse for the environment than reusable ones.

If you do choose the Flatdog by Pro Q Smokers, we have some advice; don’t overfill it with charcoal, start with a small amount and top up as necessary. Also, when having a BBQ use good quality lumpwood charcoal to start cooking almost immediately as you won’t need to wait for chemical accelerants to burn off.

Great Meals to Cook on the BBQ

Lobsters: with some warmed-up butter, they make a delicious and easy meal.

Kebabs: lamb, chicken, vegetable or halloumi are all great options.

Portobello mushrooms: these are a fantastic vegetarian option which you could marinate in butter and herbs ahead of time, wrap in foil and cook on the grill once you get to the beach.

Pair these options with drinks from local craft breweries, wineries or distilleries and you will have the perfect BBQ experience.

Be Careful!

Make sure always to be sensible when cooking over fire, particularly in dry conditions. Also make sure to be diligent when putting out the fire and leave no trace of it. Clearing up after yourself is very important so as not to disrupt the wildlife and environment and ensure you BBQ as sustainably as possible. You also might cause disruptions for other people who come across it if you do not clear up after yourself.

Having BBQs on the beach are some of my best memories with my family in Cornwall. Hopefully you will feel the same way knowing you did your best to enjoy yourself without impacting the local environment.