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How to make sure your Pumpkin doesn’t go to waste

Around Halloween, many of us love to carve a pumpkin. Why wouldn’t we? It’s fun, artistic and messy! However, many will be left with lots of pumpkin waste that they don’t know what to do with and will just throw them away. If you would like some ideas on how to use your excess pumpkin, read on.

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted pumpkin seeds are a great snack that are filled with vitamins, minerals and fibre. They can be flavoured in a multitude of ways, some of which are highlighted in this recipe from BBC Good Food. The recipe tells you how to roast the seeds, suggest flavouring options and gives you advice on what to use them for. You could eat them on their own, in salads, or in baked goods like cookies.

Dog Treats made with Pumpkin Waste

As mentioned in this article from the American Kennel Club, pumpkin is a great source of nutrients and fibre for your dog. Fresh pumpkin contains a lot of excess water, but you can simply drain it and it is still great to use in bakes for your dog! We have a simple pumpkin dog treat recipe on our Instagram Reels. Remember when baking for your dog that they should not have salt so avoid using it.

pumpkin dog biscuits

pumpkin dog biscuits

Uses for Pumpkin Waste

Pumpkin flesh can be used in countless recipes. From muffins to dips to lattes. Pumpkin is a very versatile and delicious addition to all your favourite foods. BBC Good Food again has many recipes involving pumpkin which you can use to pumpkin spice up your meals this Halloween.

We have loved getting our dog involved in Halloween this year, which you may have seen on our Instagram. He has had a new pumpkin costume and will definitely be involved in our dog friendly Halloween bakes!

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