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Beaches that are Dog Friendly for the Winter

Sadly summer is over, but there is some good news! Here are some beaches we love that are lifting their ban on four legged friends for the winter.

Crackington Haven Beach

One of our favourite beaches and a frequent mention on our blog, Crackington Haven is back to being dog friendly. We love Crackington Haven in the winter. Some of my favourite memories are of taking the dog for a walk on the beach or up the cliffs and then coming back to the Coombe Barton for a hot chocolate and cheesy chips by the fire.

Widemouth Bay

Another family favourite. Widemouth Bay is a beautiful, wide beach and is adjacent to Black Rock which provides a lovely walk along the shoreline. It also has a café to enjoy a warming lunch and a hot drink.

We would like to suggest that if you are planning on going in the sea during the winter months you check that there will be lifeguards. We recently wrote a blog post where you can find more information about the importance of sea safety and where to  find out if lifeguards will be present.

Reasons to Come to Cornwall in the Winter

We love Cornwall in the winter. It is quiet and peaceful, perfect if you want to visit Cornwall but don’t wish to engage in the busy summer months. If you go to a smaller beach, you might be lucky enough to have it to yourself. It is perfect for dog owners as more beaches are available, and with less people, your dog is less likely to become overwhelmed. Helsbury is also beautiful at Christmas and New Years. The barns are decorated and with the fireplace lit, it is lovely and cosy.

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