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rainy day view

Enjoying Rainy Days at Helsbury

Our pool facilities are a staple of the Helsbury experience and whilst the interior is the primary attraction, what you can see outside is very special too. A wall of windows overlooks the expansive view of the moors, pond and river. If that isn’t enough, you can see all sorts of wildlife whilst having a swim or running on the treadmill.

The View

Helsbury is a beautiful place to enjoy in the sunshine, but we also have great facilities for a rainy day! If it’s too wet to enjoy walking on our grounds, you can still make the most of their beauty. The gym, pool and sauna are a great place to enjoy a spot of weather watching while relaxing in blissful warmth.


On a chilly day, sitting by the pool and wildlife spotting or reading is a wonderful way to unwind. Right outside the windows you might see rabbits and you are very likely to see birds, especially our resident buzzards and the heron who lives on the grounds! It is the perfect place for indoor birding.

The Rainy Day Helsbury Triathlon

Whilst the Helsbury Triathlon does involve running outside, you could use the treadmill to run the same distance (about 1km) without the elements or the gradient. A bit of family competition or just a fun way to test yourself, the – slightly modified – Helsbury Triathlon is a great way to work up an appetite.

We know that the weather hasn’t been great this year, but you can still make the most of your holiday whilst staying inside! The barns alone have a range of great features to keep you and your family entertained. We believe that it’s not so much bad weather as the wrong clothes and at Helsbury a swimming costume is always the right clothes!