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helsbury triathlon

Helsbury Triathlon

If you are a runner, a swimmer or a cycler (or all three), get ready to get involved in the Helsbury triathlon. It is a 5-mile ride on the bike in our gym, 20 lengths of the pool and a circuit from the pool and back (around 1 mile). If you have triathlon knowledge, you know that the Helsbury triathlon is not the usual length of a triathlon, but it will be just as fun and far more inclusive.

The Order

It is really important you follow the order of the Helsbury triathlon for a few reasons. The first is fairness! We want this to be as fair as possible as there are prizes up for grabs so everyone completing it in the same order is super important. The second reason is because we don’t want anyone using the bike in the gym wet from the pool as this causes a health and safety issue, and we don’t want people using the gym in dirty shoes. We also don’t want people coming from outside, potentially muddy, and using the pool, so the order is VERY important.

The Running Course

The running course will take you from the pool, down the left-hand track to the new Hazel Ring we have had built, briefly up through the woods, through the gate and back up to the pool. There is a map of the course on the poster which is by the pool and if you need to check out the course and walk it before hand, that’s absolutely fine!

Helsbury Triathlon Prizes

If you want a chance to win a Custom Cornish Hamper, upload an image from your completion of the Helsbury triathlon and the time you did it in to Instagram and tag @helsburypark. If you don’t have Instagram, email us at and include your time and a photo from your attempt and let us know if you do NOT want us to upload it to our Instagram. The person with the fastest time will receive a hamper and everyone else will be entered into a prize draw, also to win a hamper.