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24 Hours at Helsbury

This weekend we decided to stay in Westhayes and make the most of the amazing facilities that Helsbury has to offer. We had an amazing time and thoroughly enjoyed our stay.

The Barns

At Helsbury we offer two barns, Marhayes and Westhayes. Both have three bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms and a downstairs bathroom. They both have extremely comfortable living rooms and great kitchens with lots of cooking equipment. On Saturday we utilised the facilities at Westhayes to the fullest, cooking a roast dinner, baking a cake and, in the evening, sitting by the fireplace, watching Netflix and eating pasta. Our dog loved staying in Westhayes, his favourite feature was definitely the underfloor heating which he made the most of.

The Grounds

We love the grounds at Helsbury, they are immaculately kept and offer walks of all kinds. You can walk through the woods, by the pond, through the fields, alongside the river or all of the above. Our dog would probably write an even more glowing report of the walks available, he absolutely adores them. We see all sorts of wildlife at Helsbury. This weekend we saw our resident Heron, a Kestrel hunting and a Buzzard. If you are staying longer, you might spot owls, bats, all sorts of insects, fish and if you are really lucky, a deer!

The Pool

We believe our pool to be an amazing feature of the holiday experience we provide, but we don’t as often mention the gym and sauna facilities that are also available. On Saturday, I went to the gym to use the treadmill followed by a swim in the pool and finished the evening off by relaxing in the sauna. On Sunday morning, I used the gym once again and started off my day with a burst of adrenalin.

Cornwall is an amazing place to explore, with its beautiful beaches and amazing history, however, sometimes a relaxing 24 hours is what is most needed and Helsbury offers a perfect mix of the two. We are close to amazing destinations like Boscastle and Tintagel, but you can also take a day to simply enjoy what Helsbury itself has to offer.