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Top 5 Places to Visit in North Cornwall

Helsbury is situated in such an incredible location in North Cornwall. It is quiet, sheltered and feels like an oasis away from the bustle of life beyond our beautiful slice of Cornwall. Helsbury is also close to so many other stunning places which you can visit for the day and return to the tranquillity of our peaceful valley after. Here are 5 examples of places to visit from Helsbury Park:


Boscastle is a fan favourite with us at Helsbury. It is the perfect place to visit with your dog with lots of great dog friendly restaurants as well as local pet shops and countless walks, all with incredible views.  Only a 15 minute drive from Helsbury, we are also close to other wonderful places like Tintagel so you could combine both trips for what will be an unforgettable day out.


Tintagel is a wonderful town with an incredible history. The town is most famous for being the site of the legend of King Arthur who is a key figure in medieval literature and a huge part of the local culture of Tintagel. The statue of Gallos sits at the site of Tinagel Castle, both incredible Cornish landmarks which are well worth a visit. Tintagel is only a 15 minute drive from Helsbury.

Port Isaac

Port Isaac is famous for being the site of the show Doc Martin. If you are a fan of the show, there will be plenty of opportunities for you to explore the locations of much of the show. However, if you are not a Doc Martin fan, there is still plenty in Port Isaac for you. 18 restaurants in Port Isaac are recommended by the Michelin Guide. You might recognise names like Rick Stein who’s café sits right next to the harbour. There is also Paul Ainsworth at No.6 and Outlaw’s New Road, both of whom cook using local produce. Long story short, if you like sea food, you will not be disappointed by the incredible restaurants in Port Isaac. Port Isaac is only a 20 minute drive from Helsbury Park.

Rocky Valley

Rocky Valley is a beautiful, mystical and, well, rocky valley near Tintagel. The walk through the valley is beautiful and once you reach the top of the cliffs, the view of the sea is wonderful. Rocky Valley is a 20 minute drive from Helsbury and a 5 minute drive from Tintagel. Many of the places I have mentioned are close enough to each other that you could make a fantastic day trip out of visiting multiple. We are so lucky in Cornwall that we have such a high concentration of picturesque locations.

Camel Trail

The Camel Trail is a is a 20+ mile track which follows the path of an old railway line from the moor, near Helsbury, to Padstow. You can try to finish the whole path in one day, on bike or by foot, however, we recommend taking it a bit at a time to make the most of the amazing sites along the path.

These are only a few of the amazing places to visit in North Cornwall. Stay tuned for many more recommendations in the future.